Sheena Halili Shows Off Baby Bump On Her 22-Week Pregnancy

Sheena Halili showed off her baby bump on her 22-week pregnancy.

Sheena Halili recently showed off her baby bump as she was already 22 weeks pregnant and was excited to see her baby girl.

This, as Sheena shared on Instagram wherein she revealed her baby bump on her 22-week pregnancy.

Sheena Halili baby bump
Photo: Sheena Halili / Instagram

In her Instagram post, she shared a photo and a video showing that she did an exercise inside her house, and captioned it as “Mommy and baby girl are getting bigger!

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In her separate post, she shared a lot of photos of her showing her baby bump in different angles. She even attached a nine-line poem in her caption.

Last August 15, Sheena and her husband surprised each other on their third anniversary. Although they’re both agreed that they would celebrate their wedding anniversary every February 23 of the year.

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