#NinoyIsNotAHero Now Trending On Twitter, Here’s Why

Here’s the reason why #NinoyIsNotAHero became trending on Twitter.

Since August 21 was considered as “Ninoy Aquino Day”, here’s the reason why #NinoyIsNotAHero became one of the trending topics on Twitter.

#NinoyIsNotAHero Trending

“Ninoy Aquino Day” was held every August 21 of the year in order to commemorate the life and death of late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

It was also considered as a special non-working holiday as pursuant to Proclamation No. 845 that was issued by President Rodrigo Duterte last November 15, 2019.

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However, a lot of netizens expressed their reactions about Ninoy Aquino, leading to use the hashtag #NinoyIsNotAHero.

Twitter user @eddie020196 said that August 21 commemorated the late Senator Ninoy Aquino and yet he was “not a PH hero”.

However, Twitter user @aikonriche responded that saying “Ninoy is not a hero” over and over wouldn’t make it so, adding that facts didn’t bend in the slightest to his wishes and desires.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @agasramirez revealed that the said hashtag was an “inorganic trend” that was activated by a few accounts on Thursday and was currently the top trend.

In addition, @agasramirez revealed the first four Twitter accounts that started posting about #NinoyIsNotAHero.

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