Jaden Smith Enters Freezing Cryochamber, Manages To Last 3 Minutes Inside

Jaden Smith entered cryochamber and managed to last three minutes inside

Jaden Smith endured a cryotherapy session as he entered cryochamber and managed to last three minutes inside.

This, as David Blaine posted a YouTube Originals video on YouTube on Wednesday.

Jaden Smith cryochamber
Screen-captured photo from David Blaine YouTube video

In the said video, Jaden entered into the chamber — in which he’s exposed to “freezing temperatures” from liquid nitrogen — for three minutes.

Before entering the chamber, Jaden — dressed in swim trunks and gloves in order for him to prevent frostbite — said that he will try to stay inside the cryochamber for as long as he possibly could.

Jaden then held his hands over his head before he finally stepping out of the cryochamber after enduring three minutes inside.

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Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States warned that a whole body cryotherapy had not been proven to provide the health benefits that a lot of wellness centers claimed it did, and risks include hypoxia and asphyxiation.

People who underwent cryotherapy looking for health benefits usually remained inside the said chamber between two and four minutes.

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