Shopee Names Jose Mari Chan As Brand Ambassador Of 9.9 Super Shopping Day Campaign

Shopee named Jose Mari Chan as the brand ambassador of its 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign.

E-commerce platform Shopee officially announced that Jose Mari Chan was named as the brand ambassador of its 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign.

This, as the e-commerce platform began its countdown for its annual event, which was the 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Shopee Jose Mari Chan
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Martin Yu, the Associate Director for Shopee PH, explained during its online media event that they invited Jose Mari Chan to be the brand ambassador since a lot of Filipinos associated him with Christmas and the holiday season as well.

This was said to be part of its strategy in order to connect with Filipinos as it united the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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According to Shopee, Jose Mari Chan would participate in a wide range of initiatives for its 9.9 Super Shopping Day. The said plan was aimed at providing users more than a shopping experience.

With these, the e-commerce platform was launching its TikTok-inspired 9.9 Super Shopping Day television commercial with Jose Mari Chan, adding that there would be a “Show Off Your Dance Moves With Jose Mari Chan” for #Shopee99SuperDanceChallenge from September 1 to September 15.

In order for its users to participate in the said challenge, they must submit a video of recreating the said commercial. Moreover. participants could upload their submissions to this link.

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