Sunshine Cruz To Pay Money In Exchange For IG Account

Sunshine Cruz was offered to pay money in exchange for her Instagram account.

Actress Sunshine Cruz was offered to pay money to the hacker in exchange for her Instagram account.

This, after the said hacker successfully hacked Sunshine’s Instagram account on Tuesday afternoon as the said hacker found a way in order to hacked her Instagram account.

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Sunshine Cruz Money
Photo: Sunshine Cruz

In a Facebook post on Tuesday evening, Sunshine shared a screenshot wherein she received a message from the hacker saying “Hey“, then “1000 €“, and then “otherwise the account will be deleted“.

(In other words, Sunshine was offered to pay 1000 € to the hacker in exchange for her Instagram account, otherwise, her Instagram account would be deleted and disappeared.)

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As written in the photo caption of her post, Sunshine reminded her family, friends, and supporters that “please be careful” in case her Instagram account suddenly disappeared, adding that the hacker might be using her account in order for him to do bad things.

Sunshine also said that she had been trying her best in order to resolve the said problem, but sadly, the hacker still have ways in order to hack her account.

In addition, she said that it wasn’t easy for her to reach Instagram help center, adding that the hacker reset her Instagram and changed the e-mail to the hacked Google Mail account of hers whenever she applied changes in her e-mail and cellphone number.

Moreover, Sunshine said that the hacker knew her cellphone number which was input into her hacked Google Mail account.

One of the comments posted on Sunshine’s post said that the number that was used was from Poland.

Meanwhile, Sunshine posted on her Facebook page as she was looking for an IT expert who could help her stop the hacker from hacking her account.

This is a developing story.

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