Sunshine Cruz Instagram Account Got Hacked Again After Recovered From Hacker

Instagram account of Sunshine Cruz got hacked again after successfully recovered from Turkish hacker.

The Instagram account of actress Sunshine Cruz on Tuesday got hacked again after successfully recovered from Turkish hacker.

This, as Sunshine posted on her personal Facebook page wherein she posted a screenshot and gave update about her Instagram account.

Sunshine Cruz Instagram Account
Photo: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook

It was last Monday when Sunshine was alarmed when she received a notification that there’s a “suspicious activity” taking place on her Google Mail and social media accounts.

According to her, she can’t log in to her e-mail account and her password wasn’t working at that time. Sunshine also said that codes were being sent to her separate cellphone number, adding that someone was trying to hack both her Instagram and Facebook account.

The said hacker was identified as “Kerem Tanrikulu” from Turkey.

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After eight hours, the actress shared an update to her supporters saying that she won the battle as she recovered her her social media accounts after being hacked by a Turkish hacker.

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However, the actress shared an update again on her personal Facebook account saying that her Instagram got hacked again.

In her Facebook post, she said that the hacker still found a way in order to hacked her Instagram account, adding that the said hacker started to reset her Instagram account.[0]=AZXr6up_kxOrMzSm4cQOrEg544-mBbvcNJW833QgcbXWga2Jz-y-ORHJBMsYsdpN_wXOzTNzm49Hpk66aR7zUpCpEkX-61I9g3uJq0ls041ZVtmorsLsZNkHj3GiezHl4BM&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

As of this writing, Sunshine didn’t post any updates about her account.

Meanwhile, she posted on her official Facebook page saying that there’s a hacker who tried to hack her social media and e-mail accounts since Monday.[0]=AZWrjXFjPx_4ONC_7W1hYW0_8C3KfIdBfYj7_Z1M_NEn6wIugk7y2qtZkBAYNDMdZYQYB7gLIGRjv2nqbWZIOtdKr8yGzT6GlaPBjM_6W8-oAJYoDiH3cLd7ETVBrlER52t3rFtSWyWhs8li-JYhSj53zr11L3bN-sq1Ii3T3bsnkw&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

This is a developing story.

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