Appearance Of Ria Atayde On TV5 Has ‘Blessing’ From Star Magic

The appearance of Ria Atayde on TV5 has a “blessing” from Star Magic.

The appearance of Ria Atayde in one of the shows of Kapatid network has a “blessing” from Star Magic.

This, as Ria was one of the Star Magic Artists who would be seen in the yard of Kapatid network as one of the co-hosts of a morning talk show with Pokwang and Pauleen Luna.

Photo: Ria Atayde / Instagram

Ria shared in an exclusive interview with Cinema News about her working experience as the host of a talk show. According to her, it was okay as she’s having so much fun and she’s learning so much.

Ria also said that she felt safe in the studio considering that they’re very strict about protocol in terms of TV5, adding that she’s “having fun” and “very comfortable” already which was good for her.

Following ABS-CBN’s franchise denial, Ria admitted that she didn’t expect to reach a certain point that she would be seen on another network.

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With her new career move, Ria revealed that her selection as one of the hosts of the new morning talk show program on TV5 went through the right procedure.

Ria also reacted to the decision of Mr. M — also known as Mr. Johnny Manahan — to allow other Star Magic artists to be watched on other networks.

According to her, that’s how Star Magic really thought, they had always “artist first” and considering everything that’s happened, adding that it made her so grateful that they really thought at the time like this was “artist need to have work” and these artist need an outlet for their craft.

Moreover, Ria said that it’s nice that’s something to be considered, adding that it really should go beyond network wars at this point.

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