Sunshine Cruz Gives Update About Her E-mail Account After Being Hacked By Hacker

Here’s an update from Sunshine Cruz regarding her e-mail account that was being hacked by a certain hacker.

Actress Sunshine Cruz recently gave an update on social media about her e-mail account after it was being hacked by a certain hacker.

This, as she posted an update on her official Facebook page instead on her personal Facebook account.

Photo: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook

It was last Tuesday evening when Sunshine received a message from the hacker saying “Hey“, then “1000 €“, and then “otherwise the account will be deleted“. This means that she was offered to pay 1000 € to the said hacker in exchange for her Instagram account, otherwise, her Instagram account would be deleted and disappeared.

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And yes, her Instagram account was currently down and had no posts to show on her feed.

With this, Geneva Cruz started to worry about her cousin and said that they weren’t safe online. Geneva also started to investigate that maybe the said hacker wasn’t from Turkey.

However, Sunshine told her cousin that the cellphone number that the hacker used was from Poland, but the IP address was located at Turkey. With this, Sunshine speculated that this was the same person who hacked her account since Monday and the hacker was using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

On Wednesday, Sunshine posted on her Facebook page saying that she got her Google Mail account back.

In her Facebook post, she explained to her family and friends that she temporarily disabled her Instagram account, adding that the said hacker had her cellphone number and he would come back especially now that she recovered her e-mail account.

Sunshine also said that she would be back on Instagram “real soon”.

She further explained that she didn’t know how she did it, but she guessed she recovered because the said hacker was busy or sleeping and he didn’t remove her Google Mail account as one of the hacker’s recovery e-mails.

Moreover, Sunshine reminded those who said “social media account LANG naman yan” that a social media account was important for someone like her because it was part of her job – to post and promote her work and products that she endorsed and believed in.

In addition, she said that she posted online sellers on her Instagram Stories in order to somehow help them as well.

Sunshine also reminded those who said “it’s not a big deal” that they’re wrong just because this was a big thing for them in order to survive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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