Dennis Trillo, Jennylyn Mercado Take Children Out For Swimming

Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado took their respective children out for swimming.

Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado recently took their respective children — Calix Andreas and Alex Jazz — out for a swim.

This, as Dennis Trillo posted a video on his Instagram account.

Dennis Trillo Jennylyn Mercado
Screen-captured photo from Dennis Trillo Instagram post

As seen in his Instagram post, Dennis posted an “afternoon delight” short video wherein he, Jennylyn, and their sons bond at the swimming pool.

With this, netizens couldn’t help but to gush over the group’s inspiring relationship after watching the said video.

Dennis Trillo Jennylyn Mercado
Comments From Dennis Trillo Instagram post

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To recall, Alex Jazz was the son of Jennylyn and Patrick Garcia, while Calix Andreas was the son of Dennis and Carlene Aguilar.

Based on a report on, Jennylyn and Dennis first became a couple last April 16, 2010, until it came to an end last March 5, 2011.

Dennis and Jennylyn got back together last 2015 when they paired up for the “My Faithful Husband”.

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