Mimiyuuuh Reminds Vloggers, Influencers To Think ‘Extra Hard’ Before Posting

Mimiyuuuh reminded other vloggers and influencers to think “extra hard” before they post.

Vlogger Mimiyuuuh had recently reminded other influencers and vloggers to think “extra hard” if their posts were a bit sensitive.

This, as he shared his thoughts about controversial internet stars during an exclusive interview with PEP.ph on September 1 for 9.9 Mega Sale of Lazada.

Photo: Mimiyuuuh / Instagram

Vloggers, influencers, and personalities could find themselves at the center of controversy just because of something they said or posted online nowadays.

That’s why Mimiyuuuh — also known as Jeremy Sancebuche — hoped that other social media influencers like him would find time to think first before saying or posting something on social media platforms.

According to him, he reminded other vloggers and influencers that they should really need to think “extra hard” if their posts were a bit sensitive, especially since many were already “woke” or aware and had knowledge on social media.

Mimiyuuuh also said that their posts had an associated responsibility and reminding them to “always think before you click”.

It’s especially important to ensure that whatever they’re posting was correct and that’s why Mimiyuuuh believed influencers and netizens alike shouldn’t feel forced to speak up on different societal issues, especially if they’re not fully informed about the said issue at hand.

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In addition, Mimiyuuuh explained that they shouldn’t force their fans and followers to speak especially when they didn’t have any idea about a certain topic.

Mimiyuuuh also explained that because any wrong information their fans and followers could say may lead to misunderstanding, especially if a vlogger or an influencer had a big number of followers.

He also said that they should thank those who weren’t afraid to use their platforms and give them support as well.

Moreover, Mimiyuuuh reminded other influencers and vloggers to be sincere with their apology, should they found themselves in the wrong.

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