John Arcilla Shares Journey On How He Became A Vegan

John Arcilla had recently shared his journey on how he became a vegan.

“Ang Probinsyano” actor John Arcilla had recently shared his journey on how he became a “vegan” or how he loved meatless diet.

This, as he shared his “Korean JapChae Jas Pancit” to his Instagram followers and shared his experience about being a vegan.

According to John, there was a time that he got bothered with the extinction of a lot of animal species and the cruelty the circus animals were suffering from their hosts while he was enjoying his steak.

John admitted that he loved animals, yet there was never a time that his family didn’t own cats, a dog or three. He also said that his first pet was a hen or a female chicken.

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John’s concern with the cruelty and extinction on animals had increased, yet he can’t do anything about it as he was “helpless” and he promised himself that he would give up eating his favorite steak if that could contribute to the cruel fate of other Earthlings.

John admitted that he didn’t train himself to be a vegetarian or something, yet it just happened right away. He also said that he turned himself into a vegan unintentionally and he loved the result in his health and in his conscience.

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