Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales Share Story Behind ‘EnRich Originals’

Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales shared their story behind “EnRich Originals”.

Actor Enchong Dee and actress Erich Gonzales shared the story of how they decided to launch “EnRich Originals” and to come up with their own production.

This, as Enchong and Erich couldn’t contain their excitement as they formally launched their latest project together last Monday, August 24.

Enchong Dee Erich Gonzales
Screen-captured photo from ENRICH ORIGINALS YouTube Channel

In their “Reminiscing our PAST + BIG announcement” vlog that was uploaded on EnRich Originals YouTube channel, Enchong said that it started when he and Erich decided to make a vlog, adding that they saw some comments and suggestions from their followers and fans, and they saw that their followers and fans still missed their tandem.

Enchong also said that they’re very thrilled just because they’re not only doing it for their audience, but also doing it as a learning experience for them.

Both Erich and Enchong also shared what their followers and fans could expect from Enrich Originals.

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Enchong said that they’ll assure their followers and fans that this was something that they’re looking for, this was something that their followers and fans would feel good amid all the things that were happening around, and they would make sure that their followers and fans would be thrilled.

Erich, on her part, hoped that their followers and fans could feel all the emotions, adding that they’ll do their best.

We would love to collaborate“, Erich and Enchong said.

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