Lyca Gairanod Goes Emotional After Revisiting Old House

Lyca Gairanod went emotional after revisiting her old house.

Lyca Gairanod went emotional as she returned to her old house in Tanza, Cavite — a house where she and her family lived before winning “The Voice Kids.”

This, as Lyca posted her “House Tour Sa Dati Kong Bahay” vlog on her YouTube channel.

Lyca Gairanod
Screen-captured photos from Lyca Gairanod YouTube Channel

According to Lyca, the said house — which stood on the shores of the sea — had gone through many storms and yet it remained stable.

Lyca said that she had been through a lot before as she had experienced many hardships in her life ever since she joined “The Voice Kids”. She also said that she can’t forget the place where she came from.

However, Lyca said that she didn’t say it in order to tell her viewers that she’s like that. Instead, she mentioned that she said it because she wanted her viewers to know that until now she wanted to go back to her old life.

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Lyca couldn’t help but to get emotional when her grandmother thanked her for the help she did in order to improve their lives.

Lyca’s grandmother said that she raised Lyca even before she joined “The Voice Kids”, adding that she won’t leave the house that her granddaughter gave to her no matter who else would leave.

In addition, Lyca’s grandmother explained that she didn’t want to live in her granddaughter’s new house just because it has an air conditioning and she preferred to have a more cozy view of their old house.

You can watch her vlog below:

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