Frankie Pangilinan Reacts to Michael Pacquiao and Jason Dhakal Issue

Frankie Pangilinan reacts over Michael-Jason issue

Frankie Pangilinan, the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta has reacted to the issue between neophyte rapper Michael Pacquiao and R&B singer Jason Dhakal.

Frankie Pangilinan Reacts to Michael Pacquiao and Jason Dhakal Issue
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Recently, Michael Pacquiao and Jason Dhakal made headlines following the controversial tweets of the latter on social media.

Although he did not clearly state Michael in his tweets, he seems to be addressing it to “rich artista kids w/ mediocre talent.”

This came after Michael Pacquiao’s performance at Wish 107.5 Bus became an instant hit on video-sharing site, YouTube.

While Jason Dhakal kept mum about his post on the micro-blogging site Twitter, he was caught off guard after he shared a tweet of Dyan Castillejo.

Jason Dhakal’s tweet is accompanied by the caption: “sh*t like this makes me want to stop making music honestly lol.”

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Meanwhile, Frankie Pangilinan went to Twitter wherein she defended Jason Dhakal.

She wrote: “yo i think jason dhakal was right and endlessly + tenderly is fire.”

She added: “wouldn’t u likewise be heartbroken to be working ur pwet off at ur passion only to see something relatively mediocre take off so fast?”

On the other hand, she also defended Michael Pacquiao via a statement: “i’m on the receiving end of that anak-ni culture too and yea it’s wrong and it sucks and it needs to stop.”

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