Michael Pacquiao Reacts To Criticisms Over Trending “Wish” Bus Performance

Michael Pacquiao’s Viral “Wish” Performance Receives Criticisms

MICHAEL PACQUIAO – The son of Senator Manny Pacquiao reacted to criticisms over his trending performance on “Wish” bus.

Currently, none of the five (5) children of Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, has joined the showbiz industry. Meanwhile, it is visible that the two eldest of the siblings are starting to know more about certain fields.

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Jimuel, the eldest of the five siblings, wants to join boxing. He already had his amateur fights in which he finished victorious. Initially, his parents are not in favor of him joining boxing but eventually supported him because of his desire.


The second son of Sen. Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao is Michael Pacquiao. Visibly, he is into music and is one of those who have already performed on “Wish” bus. Singing in the said bus is one of the dreams of a lot of people.

Michael performed a rap song he personally composed. It’s entitled “Hate”. Many people were impressed by his performance and it went trending on YouTube.

In just nine days since it was posted, Michael’s video already earned more than 8.4 million views on YouTube. A lot of people praised the son of Pacman for his song and performance.

However, amid the praises and admiration, Michael Pacquiao also received criticisms. Speaking to Pep, he admitted that some people think it is only because of his last name. To this, he reacted.

“You know, I understand naman. But at the same time, it’s, like, I work hard to achieve what I am,” he said.


Based on the report, Michael revealed that the lyrics of his rap song, Hate, is based on personal experiences. He admitted that he really wants to prove himself and he wants to reach his dreams and give back to his parents.

“I have talent and I have something. I don’t just rely on my parents,” the son of Pacman expressed.

When it comes to dealing with criticisms, Michael said that he really does not mind them. According to him, he also have a lot of people to talk to and are always there for him. Aside from singing, he loves to dance, play the piano, and do beatbox.

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