Video of Woman Trying to Plug Extension Cord on Its Own Outlet Goes Viral

Woman Trying to Plug Extension Cord on Its Own Outlet Earns Criticisms Online

The video footage of a woman who is trying to plug an extension cord on its own outlet goes viral and earns criticisms online.

The Facebook page “RFM 104.9 Tambayan Mo, Tambayan Ko” has shared the video footage of a lady who is struggling to energize an extension cord after plugging it on its own outlet. The lady garnered different reactions from social media users.

In the video, the woman thinks that the power extension cord is broken after it failed to function. The lady did not plug the outlet and repeatedly stressed out that the extension is already broken.

Plug Extension Cord

After a few moments, her colleague told her to plug it on its own outlet but it was still not working. She repeatedly tried to energize the extension on its own out but she repeatedly failed.

The video has a caption of:

“Wala na sira na kahit saan isaksak ayaw na talagang umilaw. Bili na lang ng bago.🔌💡

However, it was still unclear if the video is real or for entertainment purposes only.

Plug Extension Cord

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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