Maja Salvador Posts Touching Birthday Message for BF Rambo Nuñez

Birthday Message of Maja Salvador for Boyfriend Rambo Nuñez

MAJA SALVADOR – The Kapamilya actress took to the social media a touching birthday message for her boyfriend, Rambo Nuñez.

One of the things that personalities in the Philippine showbiz industry do not fully have is privacy. Their lives are often an open book to the public and the people always has something to say.

Nine (9) years ago, actress Maja Salvador was dating a non-showbiz guy, Rambo Nuñez. However, things were different then and their relationship had to be the sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Maja and Rambo found each other again and gave their love a second chance. Visibly, the couple is now very happy and they are spending most of the time together.

The Kapamilya actress is vocal that giving their relationship another chance is really a right choice. She felt home again when she and Rambo went back together.

Recently, Rambo Nuñez celebrated his birthday. On Instagram, Maja Salvador posted a touching birthday message for her non-showbiz boyfriend.

Maja addressed Rambo as her “Man” in the post. She expressed her hope that he won’t get tired of her silliness. The actress also expressed her gratitude to her boyfriend for being there for her when she needs company.

In the birthday message she posted on Instagram, Maja Salvador thanked Rambo Nuñez for loving her fully. She also expressed her love to her boyfriend.

In their comments to Maja’s post, a lot of netizens including her fellow celebrities greeted the actress’ boyfriend a happy birthday. Kapuso TV host Ryan Agoncillo and actor Miko Raval are among those celebrities who greeted him.

Rambo reacted to the post. He expressed his love for Maja and thanked her. He also thanked everyone who greeted him.

“I love you! Thanks for today love… Appreciate the thoughtful greetings everyone.”

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