Galaxy Unpacked August 2020: Samsung Releases First Official Teaser

Samsung released its first official teaser video for the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked August 2020 event.

GALAXY UNPACKED AUGUST 2020 – Samsung recently released its first official teaser for its upcoming online-only launch event which was scheduled for August 5, 2020.

Galaxy Unpacked August 2020

Based on its first teaser video, Samsung was about to launch various products during the event. Samsung was expected to launch Galaxy Note 20 Series, Galaxy Tab S7 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live, and … a gaming console?

Prior to the company’s official teaser video, Samsung Mobile posted short teasers of its upcoming products. Have a look!

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Back to Samsung’s first official teaser, it started with the revealing of its new Mystic Bronze variant which seemed to be the “main color” of its devices. In addition, the said video showed a dismantled Samsung device as well as a tail box of its device.

Moreover, the said event will take place inside its Digital City campus which was located in South Korea. At the end of the said video, a silhouette shot of its upcoming products were presented and will reveal the physical appearance of each product on the day of its launch event.

You can watch the full teaser below:

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