Former VP Jejomar Binay on ABS-CBN Hearings: ‘All for show’

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay said that the 12 hearings for the denied ABS-CBN franchise are all for a show.

Former VP Jejomar Binay on ABS-CBN Hearings: 'All for show'
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“The hearings conducted by the House Franchise Committee were all for show. They were undisguised inquisitions where some congressmen gleefully twisted the knife even deeper,” Binay said.

“On hindsight, the House leadership’s motive for calling the hearings became clear: it wanted to claim the sole credit for presiding over the network’s demise which was abruptly stolen by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) when it suddenly yanked the network off the air in May,” Binay added.

Jejomar Binay published his statement via the opinion-editorial section of Manila Bulletin called Complicity.

Meanwhile, it was on Friday, July 10, when the House panel convened to wrap up the hearings on the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise and to give the final decision whether to approve or deny its petition for a legislative franchise.

The Committee on Legislative Franchises joins the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability in giving the final verdict on the ABS-CBN franchise.

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The House panel has decided to deny the franchise renewal application by the country’s largest broadcast network.

A total of 70 congressmen voted Yes for the denial of the network’s franchise bid while 11 voted No with 2 who Inhibit and 1 who Abstain.

Many were saddened by the House’s decision to junk the franchise renewal of Kapamilya Network and among those who reacted were ordinary and elite individuals.

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3 thoughts on “Former VP Jejomar Binay on ABS-CBN Hearings: ‘All for show’”

  1. Congratulations to Congress for a job well done. Before I watched the hearings, my sentiments were for ABS-CBN, but when after I heard all the arguments, I changed my mind fully convinced that the network doesn’t deserve to have its franchise renewed and that appropriate charges should be filed against the officers responsible for all the irregularities committed.

    • Jose J.Tanchanco, obviously you didn’t got whole scenario! If there is something wrong with Abs cbn network it should be the management that put in to the court. And beside your tatay digunggong wants the network to shutdown. Regardless on how many employees will suffer.


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