Google To Launch Pixel 4a, Posts ‘Lorem Ipsum’ On Its Site

Google will launch Pixel 4a and posted “Lorem Ipsum’ on its site.

LOREM IPSUM — Google recently posted on its Google Store website announcing that the company was about to launch its upcoming smartphone, the “Google Pixel 4a”.

However, Google changed its post into an … unusual shapes and texts — from replacing texts into rectangles to replacing the description into a “Lorem ipsum” placeholder. And yes, there’s a code on how to reveal Google’s original post by tapping those black boxes — including its launch date.


In a report on 9to5Google, Made by Google recently updated its Twitter and Facebook pages with a new-yet-unusual cover image. It featured a black punch-hole that was located at the top-left corner. This might be one of the features of Pixel 4a.

And yes, Google posted a colorful-yet-hard-to-decode photo on what to expect about its upcoming smartphone. Also, its Twitter account changed its name into “The Google RTing, Meme Loving, Info Sharing Stream”

Before you continue reading, you need to decode the box below:

Want to give up? Here’s a code:

Blue – Red – Yellow – Blue – Green – Red

Once you successfully decode Google’s box code, the text then appeared as “The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”.

This was clearly a confirmation of how customers had been waiting for Google Pixel 4a since May. Also appeared was the launch date of Google’s upcoming phone which was scheduled for August 3, 2020.

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Meanwhile, a phone-shaped object at the bottom of a Latin placeholder was covered in a checkerboard pattern. This might be the physical look of Pixel 4a.

As per the report, the “lorem ipsum” placeholder was actually a substitute for its original text wherein Google described the features of the said phone.


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