Maritoni Fernandez Praises Lalamove Rider For Returning Neighbor’s Cash

Pinay Actress Maritoni Fernandez Praises Lalamove Rider For Showing Act of Honesty

MARITONI FERNANDEZ – The Filipina actress Maritoni Fernandez praised an honest Lalamove rider for returning the P130,000 cash of her neighbor.

Nowadays, delivery employees are experiencing hardships and difficulties performing their job properly due to the quarantine guidelines. However, it was not a hindrance to show honesty and loyalty to their customers.

The Pinay model lauded a Lalamove rider identified as Jerome Gulang on her Instagram account for show an act of honesty. The delivery driver for returning her neighbor’s money.

Maritoni Fernandez
Maritoni Fernandez

Fernandez said that her neighbor accidentally gave the wrong envelope to the rider. The actress’s neighbor gave the envelope containing P130,000 cash instead of the envelope containing documents.

The delivery rider found the money securely placed inside his box and decided to return the wrong item all the way back from Cubao to the owner’s residence.

Maritoni Fernandez

Here is the full post:

“Shout out to our neighbors Lalamove driver who was so honest today. She was a little dazed when she gave the wrong envelope to him this morning. 130k in cash to be exact. Jerome Gulang was already in Cubao when he realized she had given him the money instead of the package he was supposed to be delivering and went all the way back. You are an angel and the Lord Jesus will bless your honest heart Jerome. 🙏🏻😌 #lalamove #honestdriver #goodjob”

Here are some of the comments:

Thank you for your honesty kuya! We will pray for your safety and good health always

Sana lahat ganyan kagaya ni Jerome. Mas pagpapalain ka nyan ibang klase 👏👏👏.. God bless you more.. Thanks Ms Maritoni for Sharing!

“Keep it up Man”

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  1. Give little reward to the lalamove driver who has a good heart and was not tempted to run wd the money. He has a good heart and need to be rewarded and emulated. Good job brother.


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