BREAKING NEWS: 3 More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Iran

Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Iran Increases

CORONAVIRUS CASES CONFIRMED IN IRAN – An authority in Iran revealed that three (3) more cases of the novel coronavirus have added to the records.

In the Middle East, one of the countries that have confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus is Iran. In fact, the first coronavirus deaths in the Middle East were recorded in Iran.

There were two (2) patients in Iran who died due to coronavirus, a disease that was first recorded in China. They were at their old age which, according to authorities, contributed to their failure to fight against the disease.

Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Iran

Recently, an authority in Iran spoke about the coronavirus cases in the country now. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Iran’s health ministry adviser Alireza Vahabzadeh revealed the new addition to the counting of the confirmed cases in the country.

According to Vahabzadeh, there are three (3) more coronavirus cases recorded in Iran. He revealed that two (2) of them are in Qom while the other one is in Araq.

The coronavirus patient in Araq, Iran is a doctor, the adviser to Iran’s health ministry revealed. With three (3) more coronavirus cases confirmed in Iran, the total number of infected patients in the country now are at five (5).

Based on the report, following the new reported cases of coronavirus, schools and universities in Qom have decided to suspend classes. Meanwhile, reports state that there is no panicking in the country.

Aside from the recently-confirmed cases of coronavirus, there are other suspected cases in several other cities in Iran who have already been tested. There are no further updates as of now.

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