Vlogger Goes Viral After Performing ‘Ay Barbie’ In Public Places

A certain video caught the attention of the netizens when a vlogger performed dance cover of “Ay Barbie” in public places in Bacolod City.


This, after Tim Tumbagahan, a vlogger from Bacolod City, uploaded his video on his Facebook page. Based on his video, he, together with his videographer had their video shoot in different public places in Bacolod City

They chose to had their video shoot near schools, central markets, public plaza, and even in different stores. He was dressed as a young girl, wearing only a bra and short shorts.

Netizens were shocked and unaware when they saw this vlogger in public places. Some netizens started bashing him, while others started to tag the authorities.


Despite the hate comment, he said that he will make another video in order for his bashers to keep on hating him. He admitted that he was nearly arrested by the cops because of his content.

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