Maskless Woman Arrested After Asking Cop: “You Going To Arrest Me?”

Maskless Woman Arrested After Declining To Wear Mask Inside Bank/Disrespecting Officer MASKLESS WOMAN ARRESTED – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several protocols were imposed to prevent the spread of the disease. Among these protocols are the basics – social distancing and wearing face masks. However, some people don’t believe in the severity of the virus and … Read more

Netizen Failed To Open Yakult Now Desperate For Help

Netizen Failed To Open Bottle Of Yakult Pleads For Help YAKULT – A netizen went viral recently after a failed attempt to open a bottle of Yakult. Struggles are a natural part of humanity’s existence. Therefore, as humans brimming with microorganisms, we need Yakult to balance out the good from the bad bacteria. However, what … Read more

Thoughtful Cat Packs Little Snacks For Owner, Puts Kibble In Purse

Thoughtful Cat Packs Little Snacks For Owner Every Night THOUGHTFUL CAT PACKS LITTLE SNACKS – Being a furr-parent can be absolutely rewarding, especially when you have such a thoughtful pet. A cat named Nova went viral for being one of the most thoughtful cats to ever grace the internet. According to her owner, Nova puts … Read more

Twitter User Asks Non-Filipinos About This Food, Response Goes Viral

Twitter user

Twitter user @porkironandwine to non-Filipino netizens: “Okay non-Filipinos, what’s this?” A certain tweet caught the attention of the netizens when a Twitter user asked non-Filipinos about Filipino food and those answers were far from expected. This, after a Twitter user @porkironandwine on Wednesday tweeted a photo of Taho, asking non-Filipino Twitter users about this photo. … Read more

Male Student Goes Viral After Doing This In Sack Race Match

Male Student

A male student in the said video went viral after doing this in a sack race competition. A certain video caught the attention of the netizens when a male student was spotted doing this amid sack race competition. This, as the uploader shared a video on her social media. In her video post, a male … Read more

Man Runs Marathon In Apartment As Exercise To Fight COVID-19


A Chinese runner jogged the equivalent of an ultra-marathon inside his small apartment in order to fight COVID-19 through exercise. This, after China was at the center of an outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus, now named COVID-19. People in China tend to have exercise in an alternative way — including lifting bottles, push-ups with … Read more

Guy Hilariously Recreates Miniature ‘Bouquet Of Mustang’


A certain photo caught the attention of the netizens when a guy posted photos of his miniature “Bouquet of Mustang” that was inspired by Xian Gaza. This, after Mark Aurelio Beloy recreated Xian Gaza’s “bouquet of Mustang” in his most hilarious way. In his Facebook post, a guy offered his miniature “Bouquet of Mustang” to … Read more

Xian Gaza Makes ‘Contingency Plan B’

Xian S Gaza

Xian Gaza on Tuesday posted an announcement on his social media account, telling the public that he made a  “Contingency Plan B”. This, as Gaza was looking for someone in case his celebrity crush, Nadine Lustre, wouldn’t accept his Mustang. In his announcement posted on his Facebook account, he said that he was looking for … Read more