Photographer Captures Woman With ‘Fireworks’ During New Year’s Eve

A certain photo caught the attention of the netizens when a photographer captured a photo of a woman with an unseen “fireworks” at the background during New Year’s Eve.

Photographer Captures Woman With ‘Fireworks’ During New Year’s Eve | Facebook photo from Alyssa Torio

The woman in the said photo was Alyssa Torio, who was the uploader of a viral photo. In a Facebook post, she asked her brother to take a photo of her with a “fireworks” in the background.

Based on the comment section of the said post, netizens think that there was a fire incident happening in the background, while others said that the photo was edited. Despite the outcome of the photo, the uploader still appreciated her brother for taking a photo during the New Year’s Eve.

The said post reached more than 48,000 shares and thousands of comments as of this writing. Also, the said post reached more than 90,000 reactions.

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