Original Composition Of Netizen’s ‘Happy’ Song Goes Viral

A certain video goes viral when a netizen made an original composition entitled “Masayang Masaya” and shared his ‘happy’ song with his friends nearby.

Original Composition
Original Composition Of Netizen’s ‘Happy’ Song Goes Viral | Screenshot from video of uploader, Jamel Noceda

Jamel Nocena uploaded a video on his Facebook account wherein a topless man brought his guitar and shared his original composition entitled “Masayang Masaya.”

As he started to play his ‘happy’ song, the flow went soft at first. But when he started singing his original composition, his friends found out that the lyrics of his song were just … laughing repeatedly.


Netizens, like the topless man’s friends, were also expecting a “great” performance, yet it ended up laughing all along.

The said video reached more than 652,000 views and more than 25,000 shares as of this writing. Also, his post reached more than 14,000 reactions and More than 2,000 comments.

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