Halsey Responds To Fans After Tweeting About One World Trade Center

Halsey responded to her fans after tweeting an unintentionally “bad joke” about One World Trade Center. She said it was “clearly a misunderstanding.”


This, after Pitchfork, an online music magazine, slammed Halsey’s latest album, Manic, saying that her album “sounds like the amorphous pop. Pitchfork rated 6.5 to Halsey’s album.

She then responded to Pitchfork with “a joke” on Twitter. Halsey was, unfortunately, unaware that Pitchfork, an online music magazine, also operated out of One World Trade Center.

In response to Halsey’s tweet, reporter Ben Kesslen tweeted that he was losing his mind thinking about the person on her team who wanted to tell Halsey “she just called for the collapse of one world trade.”

After reading Kesslen’s remark, Halsey replied to Ben that she deleted her tweet after realizing Ben’s tweet. She also said that she intended to make a joke out of Pitchfork‘s tweet.

She then immediately deleted her post after responding to Ben’s tweet.

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