The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’s Restaurant Robbed

The Hungry Syrian Wanderer

The restaurant of The Hungry Syrian Wanderer has been robbed The restaurant owned by vlogger Basel Manadil, popularly known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, has been robbed on Friday, March 12. Recently, he went to the video-sharing platform, YouTube wherein he shared the unfortunate incident. “Someone broke in our shop and stole I think the … Read more

Kind -Hearted Vlogger Helps One-Legged Ice Cream Vendor

Kind -Hearted Vlogger

Kind -Hearted Vlogger Bought All Products of One-Legged Ice Cream Vendor and Gave Him Extra Money A kind-hearted vlogger Basyl Manadil showed an act of kindness, generosity, and helped a a one-legged ice cream vendor. The popular vlogger “The HungrySyrian Wanderer” saw the PWD vendor roaming around the area to sell ice cream in the … Read more