Syrian Vlogger Gives Away Free Lechon to Pinoys for New Year’s Eve

Free lechon for New Year’s Eve distributed by Syrian vlogger

BASEL MANADIL – The famous vlogger also known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer gave free Lechon to some Filipinos for the New Year’s eve celebration.

free lechon from Syrian vlogger
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New Year’s Eve celebration is very important to every Filipino family.

Unfortunately, not every family has food on the table to celebrate this special occasion.

This prompted vlogger The Hungry Syrian Wanderer to take an initiative so that everyone will have a Happy New Year.

The popular vlogger distributed 40 bags of free Lechon for New Year’s Eve.

He also gave Lechon to people on the street as well as the vendors. At one point, he gave a whole Lechon to residents in a building.

Watch the video below:

His vlog has already earned over 300k views. It also generated mixed reactions from the netizens.

Meanwhile, Basel Manadil also known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer is a Syrian-born Filipino vlogger and content creator.

He has been noted for his positive views on the Philippines and work to provide aid to victims of natural disasters.

It was on December 21, 2016, when he started his own YouTube channel

Due to his popularity and his positive views on the country, he has been dubbed the “adopted son of the Philippines”.

The Syrian vlogger, who’s now a naturalized Filipino citizen, was known for his efforts to provide relief for victims of natural disasters, such as donating 1000 blankets to victims of the 2019 Cotabato earthquakes as well as cooking food for people affected by the 2020 Taal Volcano eruption.

Presently, he owns a diner in Las Piñas, named the “YOLO Retro Diner” but last year, it was robbed.

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