Elderly Driver Crashes Into Market Stalls After Hitting Accelerator Instead of Brake

Elderly Driver

Elderly Driver Gets Into Accident After Hitting Accelerator Instead of Brake at Market Stalls An elderly driver crashes into the market stalls after he mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of brake and suffered injuries. An 84-year-old senior citizen crashed into some stalls at the market in  Pasar Binja, Kemaman in Malaysia after he mistakenly stepped the … Read more

Sick Grandpa Allegedly Abandoned by Children & Lives Alone Despite Condition

Sick Grandpa

Heartbreaking Photos of Sick Grandpa Who Allegedly Abandoned by Children and Lives Alone Despite Condition Break Hearts of Netizens The heartbreaking photo of a sick grandpa who is allegedly abandoned by his children and living along alone despite his condition goes viral. A Facebook user named Jenny Rose Leonardo Ventura has shared the heartbreaking photo … Read more

Two Buffalo Police Officers ‘Suspended’ After Pushing An Old Man

Two Buffalo Police Officers

Two Buffalo police officers had been ‘suspended’ after pushing an old man. Two police officers in Buffalo, New York, had been “suspended without pay” after pushing a 75-year-old man during the peaceful protest. This, as Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown released his statement on Thursday night (US time). In his statement, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said … Read more