Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Meta’s Own Blue Checkmark Subscription

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg: “This week we’re starting to roll out Meta Verified” MARK ZUCKERBERG – The CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta recently introduced its own blue checkmark subscription. On Sunday, Mark posted an announcement on Facebook where he officially introduced “Meta Verified”. Mark recently announced plans for a subscription tier, offering account verification with a … Read more

Xian Gaza Facebook Followers Dropped from 1.4M to 9K After Commenting on Mark Zuckerberg?

Xian Gaza

Why did Xian Gaza’s Facebook followers drop from 1.4M to 9K? XIAN GAZA – The social media personality took to Facebook wherein he shared that his followers dropped from 1.4 million to 9k after commenting on Mark Zuckerberg’s post. Xian Gaza is popular for making a number of claims and pronouncements against well-known celebrities. Aside from … Read more

Meta To Start Testing Digital Collectibles On Instagram This Week


Meta will start testing Digital Collectibles on Instagram this week NFT — Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently confirmed that the company will start testing Digital Collectibles on Instagram this week, with “similar functionality” coming soon to Facebook. According to Mark, Meta will start testing Digital Collectibles on Instagram so NFT creators and collectors can display … Read more

Facebook Changes Corporate Name To “Meta”

From Facebook to Meta

Facebook changed its corporate name to “Meta” Facebook recently announced during this year’s Facebook Connect event that it officially changed its corporate name to “Meta”. On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially announced that the parent company’s new name will be Meta. According to him, Meta was a company that ”builds technology to connect”. “Together, … Read more

Fauci To Public: ‘Wear A Mask’


Dr. Anthony Fauci reminded the public to wear a mask. Dr. Anthony Fauci reminded the public about the importance of practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and avoiding the crowd in order to help contain the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This, as the United States sought an increase in coronavirus cases across the country. … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg Changes Profile Photo, Netizens React

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile photo temporarily. Mark Zuckerberg, a Founder and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Facebook, recently changed his profile photo temporarily after six months. In his profile photo, Mark posted a cartoonized version of himself wearing a mask and urging Facebook users to “wear a mask“. Other … Read more

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Releases Statement on Trump-Twitter Issue

Donald Trump-Facebook-Twitter

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a message over Trump-Twitter issue. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement regarding the ongoing rift between microblogging site, Twitter, and US President Donald Trump. Trump earlier signed an executive order targeting social media companies, a few days after Twitter reportedly labeled two of his recent tweets as “potentially misleading.” … Read more