Xian Gaza Facebook Followers Dropped from 1.4M to 9K After Commenting on Mark Zuckerberg?

Why did Xian Gaza’s Facebook followers drop from 1.4M to 9K?

XIAN GAZA – The social media personality took to Facebook wherein he shared that his followers dropped from 1.4 million to 9k after commenting on Mark Zuckerberg’s post.

Xian Gaza
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Xian Gaza is popular for making a number of claims and pronouncements against well-known celebrities.

Aside from his social media exposure, he is famous for his extravagant date proposals to celebrities.

In fact, he once purchased a car for his TikTok crush, Yukii Takahashi, and his most popular stint to date was when he asked Blackpink member Jennie for a date via a billboard poster.

Recently, Gaza went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein he revealed a huge drop in his followers.

“From 1.46M followers to 9K followers. Nagalit. Sorry, Mark,” he wrote as the caption on his post.

In his post, he shared a screen capture of his comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s profile picture.

Gaza was among those who commented on the profile photo of the Founder of Facebook and as of posting, his comment has generated more than 11k reactions.

Meanwhile, netizens were wondering what might have happened on Gaza’s FB page.

Some told him to apologize to Zuckerberg, hoping the latter would return his number of followers.

It can be recalled that it was just recently when content creators Ivana Alawi and Zeinab Harake complained about the disappearance of their FB pages which has millions of followers. Eventually, their respective Facebook pages were recovered.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has yet to issue any statement regarding the Facebook page of Xian Gaza.

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