Wife Beats Husband After Refusing Intimate Moment


Frustrated Wife Beats Husband After Declining for Private Moment PRIVATE MOMENT – A frustrated wife beats her beloved husband after refusing an intimate moment during cold weather. Couples usually spend private moments having talks at night when the lights are low, the hugs and kisses in the morning, and the giggles that only they share. … Read more

Lady Netizen Shares Photos of Husband’s Thoughtful Tips

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Flexes Husband’s Thoughtful Tips A lady netizen goes viral and earns reactions online after sharing photos of her husband’s thoughtful tips. Janice Canabal, a Facebook user, recently shared heartwarming photos of tips left by her husband. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and earned positive reactions from the online community. … Read more

Woman Files Complaint vs Husband for Being Unable to Support Child’s Education

Child’s Education

Woman Seeks Help Support Child’s Education After Husband Failed to Provide for Them A woman filed a complaint against her husband for being unable to support their child’s education, Mayor Albee Benitez offered a scholarship. In a recent episode of ‘Isugid mo kay Mayor,’ a concerned mother bravely spoke up about the financial challenges her … Read more

Husband Flexes Beloved Wife’s Unique Birthday Photoshoot


Loving Husband Earns Praise Online for Sharing Beloved Wife’s Unique Birthday Photoshoot A loving husband flexes his beloved wife’s unique birthday photoshoot, exclaiming, “Shoutout sa misis kong sobrang sipag mag linis!” Jerick Alcancia, a Facebook user, shared the photos of his wife’s unconventional theme in an extraordinary birthday photoshoot. The post went viral and elicited … Read more

Husband Undergoes Circumcision After Wife Threatens Separation if Not Circumcised


Husband Chooses Circumcision After Wife Gives Separation Ultimatum A desperate husband has chosen circumcision after his wife gave a separation ultimatum if he refuses the procedure. Circumcision, a practice with deep historical and cultural roots, has been a subject of both curiosity and debate for generations. This surgical procedure involves the removal of the foreskin, … Read more

Happy Wife Flexes ‘Pasalubong’ From Her Husband: “mukhang branded ang box”

Happy Wife

Happy Wife Shares Photo of Husband’s ‘Pasalubong’ for Her SOGO HOTEL – A happy wife flexed the ‘pasalubong’ she received from her beloved husband: “mukhang branded ang box”. Infidelity is a serious issue that can cause immense emotional pain and damage to a relationship. It is a betrayal of trust that can shatter the foundation … Read more

Lady Netizen Airs Dismay Over Husband’s Valentine’s Day Prank

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Expresses Disappointment After Husband Pulls Prank During Valentine’s Day VALENTINE’S PRANK – A lady netizen has expressed her disappointment after her husband pull a Valentine’s Day prank. Valentine’s Day or also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated annually on February 14. It has been already a … Read more