Wife Beats Husband After Refusing Intimate Moment

Frustrated Wife Beats Husband After Declining for Private Moment

PRIVATE MOMENT – A frustrated wife beats her beloved husband after refusing an intimate moment during cold weather.

Couples usually spend private moments having talks at night when the lights are low, the hugs and kisses in the morning, and the giggles that only they share. These moments aren’t about big stuff; they’re about the small things that show how much they care for each other.

In these private times, couples show their true feelings. They open up about what scares them, what they dream about, and what makes them feel unsure. They find comfort in knowing that their partner understands and supports them.


Recently, a disappointed woman reportedly mauled her husband for declining her request for a private moment. The post quickly circulated online and elicited comments from the social media users.

A husband sustained severe pain after being scolded by his wife for refusing to exercise together. According to reports, due to the cold weather, his wife, known as Rena, asked for a private moment.

However, the husband declined because he was tired from working on the farm. In response, Rena, feeling the heat, got angry with her husband and even mauled him. The raging wife shared that she had not spoken to him for a week, and her anger boiled over due to the intense heat when she beat him.

In another post, a netizen posts wife’s cooking “may sobrang alat, may mukang masarap pero hindi”

Feeling upset and helpless, the husband could only endure the pain and soreness in his body. He also asked for patience from his wife, explaining that he was tired and not feeling well.

Several netizens advised the husband not to refuse when your wife suggests something. If you don’t want to be scolded, just do what your wife asks, especially when it comes to exercise.

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