GCash App Disappears from Google Play Store; Mobile Wallet Issues Statement


GCash Issues Statement Following the Disappearance of Its App from the Google Play Store GCASH – The mobile payments service has issued a statement following its disappearance from the Google Play Store. GCash is a mobile wallet and financial services app in the Philippines. It allows users to perform various financial transactions using their mobile … Read more

GScore: How Is It Computed?

GScore - How Is It Computed

GSCORE – This article will teach you about GScore, how it is computed, and how you can maintain it in your GCash account. A GScore is a score that reflects how active you are in using the products and features on the fintech company’s app. Also, your GScore is unique to your mobile number and … Read more

GCashPro Portal — How To Register As A Merchant?

GCashPro Portal — How To Register As A Merchant

Here’s how to register on GCashPro Portal as a merchant GCASHPRO PORTAL – This article will teach you about the steps on how to register on the portal as a merchant. Also known as GRPO, GCashPro is GCash’s primary channel for businesses to apply and become a merchant, as well as access the app’s business … Read more