GScore: How Is It Computed?

GSCORE – This article will teach you about GScore, how it is computed, and how you can maintain it in your GCash account.

A GScore is a score that reflects how active you are in using the products and features on the fintech company’s app.

Also, your GScore is unique to your mobile number and it cannot be transferred as your new SIM activities would be the basis for your current score.

GScore - How Is It Computed

Here’s how it is computed:

GScore is the trust rating computed for you that is based on the various activities you do in the app such as maintaining an active wallet balance, paying your bills, and using GSave, GInvest, and GInsure.

According to GCash, metered scoring is not yet available as no score assures the unlocking of lending products but its system regularly updates your score weekly that is based on your recent activities,

If you have availed of a product before and it becomes unavailable, there may have been certain policies or scoring metrics that you didn’t meet to qualify for GCredit / GGives / GLoan. Keep in mind that each of the products available in GCash has its own specific policies in place.

But how can you maintain it?

GScore is not computed solely based on the frequency of your usage but it considers various components in order to generate your user score.

You can maintain it by verifying your account, funding your account through cash in, using the app for transactions, investing in GInvest, depositing your money on GSave, buying GInsure products, maximizing your credit line, and/or paying your dues on time.

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