Drunk Man Elicits Reactions Online for Disrupting Band Members During Performance

Drunk Man

Drunk Man Disrupt Band Members During Performance A drunk man has gone viral and elicited criticism online for disrupting the band members during their performance. Recently, Hopia Tinambacan, a Facebook user, shared a video of the incident, which took place in Negros Oriental, showing a drunk man causing chaos during the band’s set. The post … Read more

Arrested Drunk Man Yelling “Bakit n’yo ko binubugbog” After Hurting Himself Goes Viral

drunk man

Drunk man hurts himself after being arrested DRUNK MAN – A video of an arrested man yelling “Bakit n’yo ko binubugbog” after hurting himself has gone viral on social media. When people are arrested, they may engage in self-harm due to a variety of factors. Emotional distress from being arrested can cause intense feelings that … Read more