Drunk Man Falls Asleep at Center Island in Davao

A drunk man was found falling asleep on the Davao center island

DAVAO – A drunk man was found falling asleep at a center island in the city.

drunk man sleeping
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

On Facebook, Team Davao Rescue shared a photo of a man lying on the center island.

According to the post, the guy fell asleep due to drunkenness.

The drunk man was found at around 7 pm, Wednesday, September 14, and could barely stand.

The authorities immediately went to the area after being alerted by the passersby.

Eventually, they confirmed that the guy was just drunk.

The post generated mixed reactions from the netizens.

Here are the comments of some netizens:

This is not the first time that such an incident happened.

Last year, a man from Cotabato City was found sleeping on the roadside.

He was thought to be a victim of violence but all of a sudden, he woke up after falling asleep.

According to a broadcaster, two passersby reported that a man was found on the side of the road lying.

The reporter rushed to the scene and eventually made a report about the guy.

The man was found lying down at around 11 pm along the national highway.

But in the latter part of the clip, the man lying on the side of the road suddenly woke up.

He appears to be drunk which might be the reason why he fell asleep along the highway.

Netizens argue that the reporter should have contacted the barangay or police first.

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