Drunk Man Elicits Reactions Online for Disrupting Band Members During Performance

Drunk Man Disrupt Band Members During Performance

A drunk man has gone viral and elicited criticism online for disrupting the band members during their performance.

Recently, Hopia Tinambacan, a Facebook user, shared a video of the incident, which took place in Negros Oriental, showing a drunk man causing chaos during the band’s set. The post elicited reactions from the online community.

In the video, Tinambacan narrated how the drunk man suddenly climbed onto the stage and started dancing to the music. At first, it seemed like he was just having fun and enjoying the music.

Drunk Man

However, the latter began to disrupt the band members who were busy playing for the audience at San Jose gym.

Despite repeated attempts by his friends to pull him off the stage, the drunk man kept returning and causing trouble. At one point, he knocked over equipment near the band’s vocalist.

Drunk Man

Unable to tolerate the disturbance any longer, the vocalist threw a lyrics stand at the man, who had tumbled and rolled on the stage. Eventually, the man’s friends managed to drag him away, preventing further disruption.

Hopia Tinambacan ended his post with a plea to the public, urging people not to climb onto the stage unless invited by the performers. She also reminded the audience to always show respect to the performers.

The vocalist of the band, identified as “Krokis,” apologized for his inappropriate response. He also expressed his gratitude towards the members of the fraternity “Akrho” for providing security and the audience who helped pick up the scattered items.

The frontman also expressed his disappointment with the organizer for failing to provide food and drinks for the band members as stated in the contract. Additionally, the organizer did not provide security on stage.

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The internet users expressed their reactions to the video:

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