Filipino Nurse in UAE Infected w/ COVID-19 Dies

Filipino Nurse in UAE

Filipino Nurse in UAE Dies of COVID-19 Infection FILIPINO NURSE IN UAE – Marlon Jimenea, a Filipino nurse in the United Arab Emirates, got infected with COVID-19 and died of the disease. Nurses are among the frontliners in the fight against coronavirus or COVID-19. This disease claimed over 200,000 lives worldwide including the lives of … Read more

Pinay Nurse in New York Dies of Coronavirus

Pinay Nurse in New York

Pinay Nurse From Iloilo Who Works in New York Passed Away PINAY NURSE IN NEW YORK – A Filipina nurse working in New York, United States died of coronavirus or COVID-19. More than 200 countries across the globe are fighting a common enemy now – the coronavirus or COVID-19. It has infected more than three … Read more

Total Coronavirus Cases in the World Approaches 3-Million Mark

Total Coronavirus Cases World

Update on the Total Coronavirus Cases in the World Now Amid Pandemic TOTAL CORONAVIRUS CASES – The total cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the world is approaching the 3-million mark. In December 2019, the rest of the world witnessed reports from China about a so-called “mysterious disease” that affected the city of Wuhan. It infected … Read more

US Coronavirus Cases More Than 900,000 Now

US Coronavirus Cases President Donald Trump

Update on the Total US Coronavirus Cases Now Amid the Outbreak of Disease US CORONAVIRUS CASES – The total coronavirus or COVID-19 cases in the United States now is more than 900,000. The coronavirus or COVID-19 has posed a huge challenge to more than 200 countries across the globe. This disease was first recorded in … Read more

Cameroon Releases Over 1,000 Inmates Amid COVID-19 Crisis


More than 1,000 Inmates in Cameroon Freed Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak in the Country CAMEROON – The sub-Saharan country released over 1,000 inmates amid the COVID-19 crisis. More than 200 countries worldwide are suffering from the impacts of a pandemic – the coronavirus or COVID-19. Currently, there are over 2.7 million cases of the disease … Read more

Newborn Baby Boy in Cebu City Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Newborn baby boy Cebu City positive COVID-19

Newborn Baby Boy Youngest Coronavirus Patient in Cebu City NEWBORN BABY BOY – A male newborn baby in Cebu City tested positive for coronavirus or COVID-19. The province of Cebu is one of the provinces in the Philippines with confirmed cases of coronavirus. The said disease that is now a pandemic was first recorded in … Read more

Global Coronavirus Cases Total Count Nearly 2.5 Million Now

Global Coronavirus Cases

Update on the Global Coronavirus Cases Total Count Amid the Pandemic GLOBAL CORONAVIRUS CASES – The total count of the confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe is nearly 2.5 million now. More than 200 countries across the globe now are fighting against a common enemy – the coronavirus or the COVID-19. The said disease has … Read more

US Coronavirus Death Toll Jumps By Over 2,500 In Just A Day

US Coronavirus Death Toll - President Donald Trump

Update on the US Coronavirus Death Toll Amid the Outbreak of Pandemic US CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – The total COVID-19 deaths in the United States has increased by over 2,500 in just one (1) day. United States is currently the hardest-hit city with regards to coronavirus, a pandemic that urged several nations to lock down … Read more