Dog Howling: Here are the Reasons Why Dogs Howl

Dog Howling

DOG HOWLING – Are you wondering why your dogs are howling most especially in the wee hours in the morning? A dog’s howl in the wee hours of the morning may awaken not only its owner but as well as the people in the neighborhood. Thus, many pet owners want to find its cause so … Read more

Female Dog Pranks Male Dog by ‘Playing Dead’

dog playing dead

Dog pranks another dog BEST ACTRESS – A video of a dog pranking another dog by “playing dead” has gone viral, garnering mixed reactions from netizens. The dog is one of the world’s most common and popular domestic animals. It has lived with humans for over 12,000 years as a hunting companion, protector, object of … Read more

Avocado for Dogs? Here’s What You Should Know…

Avocado for Dogs

AVOCADO FOR DOGS – Here are some things you should know about the effects of giving your dog a slice of the avocado fruit. Fruits may be good for dogs but not all of them have positive effects on your fur babies. In this article, let us check whether giving your dog a slice of … Read more