Security Guard Beats Dog to Death at Bacolod University

Dog beaten up to death by a security guard

BACOLOD – A university security guard in the city found himself in deep trouble after allegedly beating a dog to death.

Community Animal Rescue Efforts CARE, Inc., a non-profit organization, shared a horrifying incident involving a dog and a security guard from a university in Bacolod. According to their post, a defenseless canine lost its life after being assaulted by a heartless security guard.

According to the organization, a concerned student from the university said that the dog had attempted to enter the campus. In response, the on-duty security guard tried to force the dog out by kicking it.

security guard beats dog
Photo credit to the owner

Fearful and confused, the dog began to defend itself until the guard picked up a piece of wood and repeatedly struck the dog on the head. The dog was already on the ground, helpless and unable to move, due to the severe beating it received.

Despite the dog being incapacitated, the guard continued to mercilessly beat it. According to the post, children nearby shouted at the guard to stop, but he disregarded their pleas and continued until the defenseless dog lost its life.

This heinous act is illegal and punishable under RA 8485, also known as the Animal Welfare Act. Section 6 of the law specifically prohibits torturing animals, failing to provide proper care, sustenance, or shelter, and mistreating any animal. The organization strongly emphasizes that this incident is undoubtedly a case of animal abuse.

“We do not tolerate this kind of abuse, and what’s worse is that it happened within a school. What kind of values are we teaching our students? The suspect should be held accountable for this!” exclaimed CARE.

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