Dog Champion in a Dog Fashion Show Dies After Being Hit by an SUV

SUV hits dog champion in a dog fashion show

LAOAG CITY – A dog champion in a dog fashion show died after being hit by an SUV.

The death of a dog can be a heartbreaking experience for pet owners. Losing a furry companion who has become a part of the family can leave a deep void in our lives. Dogs are often our closest companions, offering unconditional love and loyalty, making their death all the more difficult to bear.

The grieving process for a pet can be challenging and may take time to come to terms with. It’s important to remember the happy memories shared with our furry friends and to seek support from family and friends during this difficult time.

dog fashion show
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Some pet owners choose to honor their pet’s memory by creating a memorial or donating to a pet charity. Although the loss of a dog is never easy, we can take comfort in the knowledge that we provided them with a happy and fulfilling life, filled with love and affection.

Speaking of which, a dog that won a dog fashion show has died after being hit by an SUV in Laoag City. According to a report from Saksi, CCTV footage shows a man exiting a gate with the dog running alongside him onto the street.

Moments later, the SUV hit the dog. Instead of stopping, the driver continued on. The SUV was identified but the driver has not yet been located. The dog had won the fashion dog show at the Laoag track.

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