Gary V’s Daughter Kiana Valenciano Opens Up About Vitiligo Skin Condition

Kiana Valenciano opens up about having vitiligo

KIANA VALENCIANO – An R&B-Pop singer and the daughter of Mr. Pure Energy Gary V opened up about having vitiligo skin condition.

In a February interview with, Kiana revealed that she has growing vitiligo around her lips, which she covers up with makeup. She said that she is not happy about the discoloration on her skin, which is a frustrating result of her love for the outdoors and staying under the sun without proper skin protection during her younger years.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that causes melanocytes, the skin cells that make pigment, to be attacked and destroyed, leading to patches of milky white and colorless skin.

Kaina Valenciano
Photo credit: Kiana Valenciano/Instagram

Kiana Valenciano admitted that her skin condition is one of her insecurities. She shared that she is learning to embrace it, especially when she is abroad, where she does not put on a lot of makeup. However, she finds it challenging to deal with it in Manila, where the culture is different, and people are always asking about it. She also revealed that she had to explain the scientific reason behind each patch when people noticed them tactlessly, which made her feel worse.

Despite Kiana’s struggles with her skin condition, she was named the new face of Converse PH, alongside alternative hiphop artist Al James. Her honesty about her insecurities serves as a reminder that everyone has flaws, and it’s essential to embrace and love oneself regardless of imperfections.

Kiana Valenciano has achieved success in the music industry with a number of popular songs that have reached the top of the pop charts. Some of her hit singles include “Does She Know,” “Safe Place,” “Heartbeat On Me,” “Ambrosia,” “Misfits,” “Corners,” “5:30,” and collaborations such as “With You” with Gary Valenciano and “How Do I” with Jesse Barrera.

Kiana Valenciano
Instagram/Kiana V

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