Janine Gutierrez’s Dog for 12 Years Dies, Actress Pens Heartfelt Message

Janine Gutierrez’s Dog She Calls “My Girly” Dies

JANINE GUTIERREZ’S DOG – Kapamilya actress Janine Gutierrez penned a heartfelt message for her 12-year-old dog who recently died.

A lot of people are dog lovers. Many of these individuals are popular personalities from different fields like actors and actresses. In fact, being a dog lover is one of the things shared by many people in the showbiz industry. Most actors and actresses have at least two (2) dogs at home.

Kapamilya actress Janine Gutierrez is one of the famous personalities in the Philippine showbiz industry who is close to dogs. Just like most dog lovers, the actress visibly consider their dogs not just as pets but as family – and the loss of a dog can really be heartbreaking.

Recently, Janine Gutierrez’s dog who is 12 1/2 years old died. The actress fondly calls her dog “my girly”. She penned a heartfelt message for her dog following her death.

Based on the actress’ Instagram post, Janine Gutierrez’s dog was with her as she grew up. The actress stressed that it was a joy to grow up with her dog and it breaks her heart that she won’t be seeing her anymore. She expressed her gratitude for the love she has given their family and “for staying as long as you possibly could”.

The actress is happy that they got to tell her dog everything they want to say and hug her before she passed away. She expressed her love for her and that she is always in her thoughts and she miss her already.

According to Janine Gutierrez, she takes comfort in the thoughts that her dog is probably eating all that she wants and running free now. She stressed that her spot under the table will always be hers. Here’s the actress’ Instagram post:

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