Disturbing Footage of Monkey Trying to Kidnap Toddler Goes Viral

Disturbing Footage

Disturbing Footage of Monkey Attempting to Abduct Toddler Elicits Comments Online The disturbing video footage a money trying to kidnap a young toddler bigger than itself goes viral after it was posted online. 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in the world history due to the numerous unexpected events. Weird and strange … Read more

Vehicle Filled w/ Alcoholic Beverages Gets Into Road Accident


Photos of Vehicle Filled w/ Alcoholic Beverages Involved in Road Accident Elicit Comments Online The photos of a certain vehicle filled with alcoholic beverages, which was involved in a road accident elicits comments online. Over the past few months, the police authorities, health workers, and frontliners are strictly implementing the lockdown protocols to contain the … Read more

Motorist Asks Government To Remove “Bawal Angkas” Policy After ECQ


Motorist Asks Government To Remove “Bawal Angkas” Policy After Enhanced Community Quarantine A certain motorist is asking the government to lift up the “Bawal Angkas” policy for those who were living in the same household after the enhanced community quarantine. The Philippine government is currently implementing the enhanced community quarantine over the entire Luzon and … Read more

71-Year-Old Grandma Returns Cash Aid Although She Had No Pension

71-Year-Old Grandma

71-Year-Old Grandma Returns Cash Aid To Help Other SAP CASH FUND – A 71-year-old grandma returned the cash assistance she received although she is qualified and not receiving pension. The Philippine government is already doing their best to help the poor Filipino families whose jobs and livelihoods were affected by the enhanced community quarantine to … Read more

Male Worker Bursts Into Tears After Caught Sniffing Solvent

Male Worker

Video of Male Worker Crying After Caught Sniffing Solvent Goes Viral The video footage of a male worker who bursts into tears after he was caught sniffing goes viral and elicits comments online. Nowadays, illegal drugs have been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around … Read more

Abusive Man Mauls Wife & Child Over Aquarium Cover (Video)

Abusive Man

Video of Abusive Man Mauling Wife and Child Over Aquarium Cover Elicits Comments Online The video footage of an abusive man mauling his own wife and stepchild over aquarium cover goes viral and garnered various reactions online. Nowadays, there are lot of women complaining against their husband for abusing and maltreating them. The cases of … Read more