Video of Angry Employer Inspecting Pinay Domestic Helper’s Bag Goes Viral

Angry Employer Inspects Pinay Domestic Helper’s Bag

The video footage of an angry employer inspecting the bag of her Pinay domestic helper goes viral after it was posted online.

The Facebook page “OFW JOIN FORCE – Ang Boses At Kakampi Ng Mga OFW” has shared the video footage of a raging employer insulting her Pinay employee. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the raging employer inspected the belongings of the Pinay OFW. The angry woman criticized her worker for buying cosmetics and supplies with her own money, which ends up with exchange of heated arguments.

Angry Employer

The lady employer even took the old passport of the poor Filipina worker and even insulted her for a couple of times.

Most employers usually change attitude and personality after learning that their employees would not come back anymore. Employers does not allow Pinay migrant workers to go home until a suitable replacement is hired, which takes several months.

Angry Employer

Well-experienced OFW advised their fellow migrant workers to tell their employers that they will take a vacation and will come back to avoid having trouble.

The netizens commented on the video:

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