Musician Jon Sawac Goes Viral Due to Sacrifice Sale Just to Feed Family

Musician Jon Sawac

Musician Jon Sawac Sells Musical Instruments Just to Feed Family The musician Jon Sawac of Baguio City goes viral after posting his sacrifice sale including his musical instruments just to feel his family. Jon Sawac has decided to sell his musical instruments including his two electric guitars, guitar effects, pedal grill, microphones, and pedal grill … Read more

Pambansang Kolokoy Slams Basher Who Accused Him of Not Helping Pandemic Victims

Pambansang Kolokoy

Pambansang Kolokoy Responds to Basher Who Accused Him of Not Helping Victims of Coronavirus Pandemic The social media influencer Pambansang Kolokoy lambasted the basher who is accusing him of not helping the victims of pandemic. Joel Villanueva Mondina or popularly known as Pambansang Kolokoy is one of the most popular vloggers in the Philippines. He … Read more

Lorraine Pingol Receives Award, Cash & 1 Year Supply of Chooks-to-Go Chicken

Lorraine Pingol

Pinay Nurse Lorraine Pingol Receives “Manok ng Bayan Award” The Pinay nurse Lorraine Pingol received an award, cash incentives, and one-year supply of Chooks-to-Go chicken. Last week, the Filipina health worker goes viral online after helping a female street dweller named Jeca Mae Rausa to give birth. She did not hesitate to help the homeless … Read more

Controversial Photos of Female Bestfriends Take Bath Together Earn Reactions Online

Female Bestfriends

Female Bestfriends Take Bath Together Goes Viral Online After Sharing Their Photos The controversial photos of female bestfriends taking a bath together gone viral and elicit comments from the online community. Nowadays, most people have their group of friends but they have also an inner circle of friends. Bestfriends were spending times together including special … Read more