Breadwinner Kid Risks Own Life Climbing Coconut Trees to Harvest ‘Tuba’

Breadwinner Kid Climbs Coconut Trees to Harvest ‘Tuba’ Just to Feed Family

A breadwinner kid risked its own life climbing coconut trees to harvest ‘tuba’ just to earn money and feed family.

A 12-year-old boy identified as Allan in Bais City, Negros Oriental is the youngest coconut wine harvested in the town. He becomes the breadwinner of his beloved family at a very young age.

Allan who is the eldest of three siblings is tying a knife on his waist and climb coconut trees as tall as 40 feet just to gather coconut wine. He carefully get the sap from the tree before pouring it into a jar.

Breadwinner Kid

The young boy is walking up to two hours after collecting the sap until he reach the town. He is selling the wine for P50 and he even drink tuba to quench his thirst and even dipped biscuits on it to fill his stomach.

The kid admitted that he feels fear performing his life risking job but he is eager to earn money to feed his family. He endures bruises and wounds just to buy milk and rice for his family.

The breadwinner boy’s mother “Lina” explained that her partner left them in 2018 after having a family problem. Allan’s father even refused to financially support them for having no money. Lina had no choice but to work at a fast-food chain to feed her children. Their situation gets worse after their youngest was diagnosed with cerebral ischemia.

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“Ang aking suweldo na dalawang libo ang lingguhan kinulang na pambayad sa ospital. Hindi po siya kumakain, kung hindi namin siya pipilitin. Tagilid siyang naglalakad. Ang kanyang paningin, parang meron ding deperensya,” Lina said.

Lina stopped from working to take care of her youngest one so she decided to plant and sell sweet potato and ended up earning P250-P300 per week. Allan offered help to his mother and started to work as ‘magtutuba’.

“Gusto kong tumulong sa kanya dahil mahal namin siya. Wala nang ibang tutulong. Iniwan kami ng aming Papa… para na akong Papa dahil aking binubuhay si Mama at si Dodong,” Allan said.

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