Loving Dad Surprises Beloved Son w/ Toy Truck (Heartwarming Video)

Heartwarming Video of Loving Dad Surprising Beloved Son w/ Toy Truck Goes Viral

The heartwarming video footage of a loving dad surprised his beloved son with a toy truck goes viral and elicits comments online.

Parental love is characterized by warmth, affection, care, comfort, concern, nurture, support, acceptance or simply love that a child can feel from their parents. Some parents can also show their love by giving gifts to their kids.

Usually, parents would do everything just to give their children a better and brighter future. They can even sacrifice their own happiness and comfort just to make their kids happy.

Loving Dad

The Facebook account “chickletnie” has shared the video footage of a man surprising his son with a toy truck. The video circulates on social media and earned praises from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the loving father covered the eyes of his little boy while holding his surprise gift. He tried to hide the toy truck from his son’s sight for a very special moment of the kid’s life.

After a few moments, the guy removed his hands from the eyes of his son and showed him the toy truck. The kid gives a big smile and showed a priceless reaction after seeing the amazing toy he received.

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The video has a caption of:

Pag naging magulang kana, gagawin mo lahat mapasaya lang mga anak mo 


The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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